Quick Cheese Pies
Prohira Tiropitakia

These quick cheese pies are a very easy appetizer to make and taste delicious.
This cheese bread recipe is so versatile. You can serve these instead of plain bread with a meal. Or for something savoury and different for breakfast.
They are great to serve to children as a snack or light lunch. Quick cheese pies is a sort of savoury version of french toast.
I've included both methods of cooking, either fried or baked in the oven - try both!


dry/stale bread
grated kefalotiri cheese (or any other type of cheese)
oil/butter for frying


I haven't stated amounts of bread, eggs, cheese - adjust according to how many you are making for. Cut the bread into slices about 1 finger thick. In a shallow dish, beat the eggs and add enough cheese to thicken the mixture.

In a frying pan heat the oil until really hot.

With a fork, take the bread slice and dip it into the mixture and then quickly put it in the frying pan. Turn over when it colours and fry on the other side.

When ready, drain and serve hot.

Here is another variation of this recipe, this time in the oven.

Prepare a baking tray and grease it. Heat the oven to moderately hot.

Prepare the bread and the egg and cheese mixture. You will need some extra butter. Melt this and dip the bread in the melted butter briefly then dip the bread in the egg mixture, only putting it in on one side.

Place the bread on the baking tray.You can add a little extra grated cheese on top of the bread.

Bake until it browns - be careful to keep an eye on it.

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