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Find all your favorite Greek Food products here! Made in Greece, authentic Greek food to enjoy.

Hard to find products such as Greek Cheeses, Mizithra, Kefalograviera and Manouri. Filo Pastry, as well as that fantastic but rather elusive Kataifi pastry. Imported Greek Coffee and Mountain Tea, Herbs and those oh so delicious Greek Desserts and Sweets and Cookies.

Greek Cheeses Greek Cookies Buy Greek Desserts
Greek Cheeses

Try some of these wonderful Greek cheeses, we have Manouri, Mizithra, Kasseri, Kefalotiri, Kefalograviera, Barrel Aged Feta, and many more!
Greek Cookies

These Greek cookies have the most subtle, yet divine flavors that you won't ever forget. Hard and slightly crunchy, perfect with tea and coffee or as a snack with cheese and honey!
Greek Desserts

Save time and buy Baklava here, delicious filo pastries, plus Kataifi and several flavors of the most heavenly Halva! Try Ouzo candy or loukoumades mix.

Greek Coffee, cups, pots and frappe shakers Greek Olives and Olive Oil Greek Food Gift Baskets
Greek Coffee Supplies
Buy your Greek coffee here, several varieties to choose, coffee cups and pots, coffee for frappe, frappe shakers and makers and Greek mountain tea.
Greek Olives and Olive Oil
The best Olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are from Greece. Try some and taste the difference!
Greek Food Gift Baskets
Great selection including olive lovers, Greek cheese assortments, greek flag mug and coaster coffee set, chocolates, and many more!

Greek Pastry Greek Pasta Greek Herbs - Oregano
Greek Pastry

Make Baklava, Kataifi, Spanakopita and many more dishes with this Greek Pastry.
Greek Pasta

The best pasta to make Pastitsio, Macaronada, Spaghetti and other favorite pasta dishes.
Greek Herbs

Add these Greek oregano, herbs and seasoning to your food for that unique Greek flavor.

General Greek Food
General Greek Food Items
Lots of everyday hard to find Greek produce such as rusks, pita chips, mastic gum, Loukanika - sausages, Fage yogurt, honey and tsoureki bread.

Looking to buy Greek food products? Look no further, we have found a good source of all your favorite foods, either to give as gifts to someone who loves Greek food or to buy to use in your Greek recipes.

These make great gifts at any time of the year, or put a request out for yourself!

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