Greek pastry is used frequently in Greek cuisine. Filo dough pastry is the most common type of pastry, and it is used in sweet dishes, such as the classic Baklava and Custard pie. It is also used for savory meals and snacks, like Spanakopita, Cheese pies and Pumpkin pies.

These are made for snacks or light meals. You will find many pie shops in Greece selling an assortment of Greek Pastry pies. The crisp flaky filo dough creates a delicious texture to the creamy filling.

When used for sweets, a honey, cinammon syrup is poured over the dessert after baking and left to soak up the delicious sweet syrup.

Another Greek pastry is Kataifi. A type of shredded pastry, once rolled up with a nutty centre, they can look like shredded wheat. This type of pastry creates a unique texture, creating a favorite Greek dessert for many.

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Athens Kataifi Dough - Shredded Fillo (Phyllo) Kataifi dough looks like shredded wheat! It is a shredded fillo dough. Use to make delicious Kataifi, or many other creative uses such as edible bird nests. Athens Regular (Thin) Fillo Dough (Phyllo) Thin sheets of fillo dough, convenient, easy to use, ideal for making baklava and other Greek desserts. Also good for pies. Athens Thick Fillo Dough (phyllo) Thick Fillo Dough sheets offer versatility when making Greek dishes of cheese pies, cheese and spinach pies and many other recipes. Easy and convenient to use.

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