It really pays to invest in a good set of kitchen knives - they are every chef's best tools, and with a good quality set you will find they make cooking easy and enjoyable! You'll be slicing and dicing just for fun! The difference a good knife can make is amazing

Keep them in good condition and regularly re-sharpen them and they will do all your jobs with ease and last for years, making them far more economical than a cheap one that doesn't do the job, gets blunt all the time and then regularly needs replacing!

All these kitchen knives should be hand washed and dried after use. Always use wooden chopping boards with good quality blades, not glass, metal or formica. Good quality knives are precision weighted, to keep a correct balance between handle and blade for even and steady cutting and minimum strain on the hand and wrist.

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The best kitchen knives can be sharpened and it is a good idea to buy a sharpener to keep these in the best condition and always sharp, enabling them to do the best job. The Wusthof sharpener featured further down the page is the best on the market!

These sets make the ideal wedding present or gift for someone just setting up home and their kitchen.

Mercer Genesis 6-Piece Knife Set with Tempered-Glass Block

Mercer Genesis 6-Piece Knife Set with Tempered-Glass Block

The five knives in this set will cover every job you will do in the kitchen.

The set comprises of a 3 1/2 inch paring, 5 inch utility, 8 inch chef's, 8 inch bread, 6 inch boning knives in a modern stylish tempered glass block that will add to the decor as it sits on your kitchen counter. They have black santoprene nonslip handles for excellent comfort and secure handling.

A good quality set of forged high carbon German steel kitchen knives, used by professional chefs, yet at an affordable price making them good value for money.

Wusthof Classic Gourmet 3-Piece Knife Set

Wusthof Classic Gourmet 3-Piece Knife Set

This 3 knife set comprises an 8 inch cook's, a pointed 3.5 inch paring and a 6 inch sandwich.

Wusthof are world renowned German craftsmen of cutlery for the last two centuries, a reputation well earned as they manufacture the state of the art, highest quality kitchen knives that are used by professional chefs.

Forged from high carbon German stainless steel blades, then hand honed for razor like sharpness. The handles, triple riveted for strength and performance are ergonomically designed for easy handling.

You don't really need a lot of knives to do most jobs in the kitchen and with this set you will find all the cutting, dicing and slicing a breeze. You really will not be disappointed with these, They will make cooking so enjoyable!

They make an ideal wedding present or gift for someone just setting up home and their kitchen.

Victorinox 8-Piece Knife Block Set

Victorinox 8-Piece Knife Block Set

This 8 piece set comprises of a 4 inch paring, 6 inch boning, 8 inch chef's, 8 inch bread, 10 inch slicing, plus a 10 inch sharpening steel, kitchen shears and a slant hardwood block.

With this package you will set up your kitchen with every knife you will ever need for all your cooking needs. Probably the best investment for value for money and quality cutlery.

Victorinox is well known world wide as the creator of the Original Swiss Army Knife, manufacturing knives and cutlery since 1884. Hand finished in Switzerland, these knives are stamped instead of forged, which makes them lighter and easier to use and handle, yet still has a perfect weight and balance as you hold them. Their thinner blade consequently cuts through any food like it's butter. You will love cooking with these kitchen tools, perfect for chefs and busy cooks!

See the video demonstration and read more information about their different uses.

Wusthof Precision Edge 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

Wusthof Precision Edge 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

Safe and easy to use, you can give your quality knives a professional sharpening in your own home, with a few easy strokes of this dual stage knife sharpener.

First stage you sweep it over the hard carbide steel blades for the coarse sharpening. Then for the second stage, swipe them over the fine ceramic rods for honing the blade.

This is the best sharpener for all fine edge steel blades.

J.A. Henckels 9-Inch Poly Sharpening Steel

J.A. Henckels 9-Inch Poly Sharpening Steel

This fine quality 9 inch steel, is a classic tool, long enough for most knifes.

Made in Germany with a lifetime guarantee, this steel will help maintain and correct the edge of your fine edge knifes that tend to bend down with use. A great tool to have in the kitchen!

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