Greek Island SceneryIf you're planning a trip to Greece or just need information on Greece, get yourself a travel guide. They can tell you all the latest up to date information on the best places to visit in Greece, and which to avoid!

Highlights all the attractions and points of interest in the area, relating to the culture and the history. They will recommend good taverna's to visit and accommodation.

They have information on Greece opening and closing times, where to shop, as well as maps of the area.

Turn your travel photo to art.
If you're travelling all over the country then get one for the whole of Greece, otherwise look for one specific to the area, region or island you are going to, you will get more in depth information that way.

They will tell you when there are holidays or festivals on - you must go along and take part and watch how the Greeks celebrate - so much passion for everything, it is infectious and they will soon have you joining in!

Click on any link below for lots more information and reviews!

We've checked out many of the travel guides for Greece and picked the best of the bunch. It's a good idea to get the latest version, things change regularly, places close down so you don't want to be let down by out of date info!

Greece is a magical country, full of wonderful places to visit such as Acropolis, and the surrounding Monastiraki, Mount Olympus, Temple of Poseidon, Knossos.

The beautiful Greek islands, volcanic Santorini, historical Crete, party island Mykonos, and so many more each with their own unique and lovely character.

If you can, learn a few Greek words.

Although a lot of people do speak English, especially in the tourist areas, it will get you a lot of favors and help.

It will really please the locals if they see you have made an attempt to speak their language.

Most phrasebooks have simple sentences you can learn very quickly and easily. By learning some of the alphabet, it will help you to read signs and find your way around.

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