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Vefa's Kitchen - Vefa Alexiadou

Vefa's Kitchen
This has been referred to as the “Bible” of Greek cooking. Vefa Alexiadou is an expert authority on Greek Cuisine, a well regarded and celebrated chef, author of many cookbooks as well as TV programs in Greece and abroad.

There is so much I could write about this book. Easy to follow recipes with Step by Step instructions, complete with plenty of beautiful, colourful photos to illustrate the meals.

With 700 recipes, covering every type of food, dishes from every region of Greece, this is the ultimate collection of Greek recipes. Buy this book, and you will have every Greek Food recipe you could possibly need. You will not be disappointed. If you only ever buy one Greek cookbook, this is the one to buy.

The Foods of the Greek Islands: Cooking and Culture at the Crossroads of the Mediterranean - Aglaia Kremezi

The Foods of the Greek Islands: Cooking and Culture at the Crossroads of the Mediterranean
This book takes you on a culinary tour of all the Greek islands, with information on their customs, history and traditions as well as each island’s traditional recipes and specialties.

The recipes cover all the Greek food types, with easy to follow descriptions. The recipes offer easy to find ingredients for those who live outside of Greece.

The author Aglaia Kremezi is a well known authority on Greece Cuisine. This is a great book to have and will give you many successful and delicious meals to impress friends and family.

The Olive and the Caper - Adventures in Greek Cooking - Susanna Hoffman

The Olive and the Caper: Adventures in Greek Cooking
This book has great stories about the Greek history and culture and its influence on Greek cuisine. As well as a great Greek Recipe book, it will take you on an adventure to Greece itself, reading all about life in Greece, their customs and traditions.

The recipes are written very clearly and easy to follow, even to someone new to Greek food. The book covers all the foods, from drinks, mezethes and pies, main meals and of course, the fantastic Greek Desserts.

A wonderful book to start learning about Greek food or would make a perfect gift.

Nosthimia! The Greek American Family Cookbook - Georgia Sarianides

Nosthimia!: The Greek American Family Cookbook (New American Family Cookbooks)
Full of very easy to follow recipes, great for those new to Greek Cuisine, or those who like Greek food and want a more American flavor.

As Georgia Sarianides says "My recipes are Greek with an American twist, just like me!" This book is great for busy families or young modern cooks who like to try new foods.

The recipes only use ingredients you can find locally and easily. They have been adapted to fit into our busy schedules, rather than requiring hours in the kitchen to cook one meal! Over 170 recipes, along with tips and stories about Greece.

At this price, it makes a wonderful cookbook for yourself or a great gift for someone who loves to cook. Nosthimia is Greek for “Delicious”.

Regional Greek Cooking - Dean Karayanis

Regional Greek Cooking
A great introduction to the foods of Greece and it’s recipes. A description of the history and culture of Greece, it then describes the ingredients that make Greek food unique.

Chapters with details about their beers, Greek wines, coffee and the different types of Ouzo.

Over 200 delicious recipes, with notes about the origins of the dishes or other interesting facts.

Find out which region of Greece different meals originate from, and their specialties. Plenty of recipes on appetizers and dips, main meals as well as mouth watering desserts.

A great book to read as well as cook from.

The Complete Book of Greek Cooking: The Recipe Club of St Paul's Orthodox Cathedral

The Complete Book of Greek Cooking: The Recipe Club of St. Paul's Orthodox Cathedral

This book lives up to its name, it really is the complete book of Greek cooking. It has been around a long time and is still in demand as one of the best resources for Greek Cuisine.

It’s one of those books that every Greek American family has in the family home that they refer back to for authentic, traditional, family favorite recipes. It is just like having your own Yiayia to teach you how to cook Greek food.

Written by everyday Greek women from recipes handed down through families, standing the test of time, it serves up great tasting successful meals. A wonderful book, click on the image for more reviews.

The Book of Yogurt - Sonia Uvezian

The Book Of Yogurt

If you want a book to cover all aspects of yogurt, from the history, making it and using it in recipes, you cannot find a better book than this. Sonia goes into great detail at the beginning with the history of yogurt – it’s been made and eaten for thousands of years, and the different methods of making yogurt yourself at home.

Then the recipe section covers 300 recipes from all over the world, the Middle East to France and Europe, India to the Caribbean, from appetizers and dips, breakfasts, snacks, lunch and dinner meals, everyday and dinner party fare, and so many delicious desserts!

At this price, you will not find a better book. If you love yogurt, this book is guaranteed to inspire you, and even if you don’t use yogurt much now, you may just find you’ll be converted. On a budget and looking for a great gift, you won’t be disappointed with this buy.

I have to say I love Recipe Books. I just can't resist them. I have a large collection of recipe books and I do use them all, they don't justsit on a shelf collecting dust and not getting used.

When I need inspiration for a meal I will sit and flick through a few books, (I have little post it notes on some pages for favourites), quickly be reminded of a recipe I haven't cooked for a while andthen delight the family with an old favourite.

I do like recipe books with pictures, they really help you to understand what the meal is meant to look like at the end and helps you to aim forsomething nearly the same!

I have searched through many bookshops to find the best Greek Recipe Cook books for you. There are many on the market, some of them are not any good or indeed authentic Greek Recipes. A fancy cover and high price tag does not always deliver the best books!

So, here is a selection of the best recipe books and the most interesting. However, once you click on the link, do read their reviews, check out some sample pages and even search for other recipe books.

What I love about the old, family recipe books is allthe notes that have been written on the pages over the years to adapt it slightly to taste or different ovens.

Don't be shy to make your own notesin your cookery books, even after you've cooked and eaten the meal. It personalises the meals, saves time when you next cook and is great foryour kids to look back on after many years. When they leave home they'll be coming back asking how to cook them!

I have many old cookery books. I recently inherited all my mothers old cookery books, which took my on a trip down memory lane!

When I made a cake out of one of them last weekmy kids were raving about it, so a lot of the old recipes really do stand the test of time. Some of the old recipe books have unusual names fordishes, it's like a culinary history tour.

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