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Start here for a culinary journey to Greece.
You will learn all about Greek food, as well as many articles on Greek cuisine.

You will find many Greek recipes, from the famous mousaka and baklava to many, many more traditional Greek meals.

Here you will learn the secrets of Greek style home cooking.

Whether you are:
*      looking for more Greek recipes to add to your collection
*      looking for a way to liven up your everyday meals
*      are completely new to Greek food
you will find plenty of information to enhance your cooking skills.

Image of Traditional Greek Dining

The image that best sums up the
food of Greece, for me, is that
of a leisurely meal served on
chequered clothed tables under the
shade of ageing olive trees,
with the sun reflected on the
blue waters of the Mediterranean.

If you haven´t visited Greece, I hope
this site will bring you the
tastes, aromas and images
needed to start you dreaming.

As you go through this site you will find:
*      Greek recipes - tested family recipes
*      articles on Greek food, such as its history
*      how the Greeks eat
*      when they celebrate and what food they serve
*      Greek cheeses
*      Greek drinks
*      menu samples
*      the importance of the Mediterranean diet
*      and much more.

So, come inside and taste the food!


Kali  Orexi - Bon Appetit!

Greek Waiter

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Buy Greek Food Products
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Greek Measurements
A description of Greek Measurements and their metric equivalents.
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