Greek Measurements

An explanation on Greek Measurements.

The recipes I have used on this site are recipes that are up to a hundred years old and have been passed down through each generation of the family. I grew up with foods made from these recipes and have first hand experience of how great these foods taste!

Years ago, most Greeks didn't have fancy sets of scales in their kitchen and would use everyday household objects to regularly measure out their ingredients.

Some of the Greek measurements that I have already had to change in these recipes were measures using Greek coffee cups and Greek coffee cup saucers. Another favourite way of measuring would be a handful (usually flour), which could vary dramatically depending on the size of the hand!

Some other old Greek measurements were dram and oka, which I have converted to metric equivalent in these recipes.

One measurement I have left in is a teacup. This is mostly because in Greece today, people are still using this measurement. In order to help relieve any confusion over this I have given the metric equivalent.

A teacup is equivalent to 190ml or 6 1/2 fl.oz which I believe is the American way of measuring.

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