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This is a page where you can share your favourite, funniest, or most touching memories and stories about Greece.

Acropolis of Greece At Night

When we're not reading and cooking Greek recipes, we love to read tales of Greece, our readers especially enjoy hearing about Greece and the adventures you had there.

Perhaps you have family there and visit them. Tell us your observations of how different Greek families are to your own.

How was your first introduction to Greek food. Did you sit at a taverna beside the mediterranean, slowly feasting on the many little plates of food they serve, drinking ouzo or wine and enjoying good company.

Greek Nightlife - Greek Dancing Have you joined in at Greek Dancing, been to a Bouzouki club and done the
Zorba dance!

Maybe you visited the ancient sites of Greece, marvelled at the architecture of the Acropolis or ran in the footsteps of the Ancient Olympians in the stadium at Olympia?

Please share your treasured memories with us.

It can be short or long, funny, sad, touching, amusing, purely observations or a detailed account of your trip.

Even just a photo of a beautiful sunset, magnificent scenery or view from your apartment. Tell us about it.

Balcony overlooking Greek Sea and Islands

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Just include a description with it as much as you can - what it is, where you took it, why it is so special to you.

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