Easy pasta recipes are great for quick mid week meals!

Chicken and Vegetables Pasta Salad

Regardless of where pasta originated from, the Greeks have embraced it with open arms and typically incorporated it into their cuisine to make it their own.

Plate of Spagetti As well as the many known dishes such as Spagetti Bolognese and Carbonara, which is just as popular
in Greece as abroad, there are many other pasta dishes which have been given that Greek touch to them to make them uniquely Greek, such as

Pastitsio and Yiouvetsi.

Pastitsio Pasta is versatile, easy to prepare and a convenient meal to make when in a hurry and need to make something quickly.

It can be used to make a simple dish or an elaborate meal.

You can have it plain with some butter and cheese, team it up with delicious sauces or bake it in the oven.

Fresh pasta is available in Greece
and some Greeks will make it but generally the dried variety is still the most popular form.

Chicken with Pasta and Tomato SauceThere are several extremely good Greek brands such as Misko.

When you visit a supermarket, you will find a very large section taken up with all sorts and shapes.

In Greece, the cheese they grate to have with their pasta will often be a Greek cheese such as Graviera or Kefalotyri, a strong, hard cheese, similar in texture to parmesan.

Pasta with Prawns Chicken Pasta Salad

In modern Greek cuisine, meals vary from easy recipes to more time consuming, satisfying, complete meals.

Kali Orexi - Bon Appetit

Greek Waiter

Greek Pasta Recipes

Pastitsio – Pasta Bake Chicken with Orzo – Risoni, Yiouvetsi Shrimps with Pasta
Macaroni Bake
Chicken with Orzo
Shrimp with Pasta
Garides me Pasta

Octopus and Pasta Bake
Octopus and Pasta Bake

Now you can buy Greek pasta for your favorite Greek Pasta recipes such as Pastitsio, pasta for Yiouvetsi, Macaronada and many more online!

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