Greeks love pasta almost as much as the Italians, so its no surprise there is plenty of Greek pasta too!

Misko is one of the most popular brands in Greece. Over the years, the Greeks have developed some of their own recipes with different types of pasta, which are uniquely Greek, such as Pastitsio using Pastitsio or long macaroni. Or Yiouvetsi, a baked meat and tomato dish using orzo or risoni.

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Macaroni Pastitsio no. 2 (misko) 500g Long macaroni noodles, ideal for making the Greek dish Pastitsio and other pasta dishes. Misko #5 Macaroni (Greek) 500 gram package Long macaroni is perfect for the traditional Greek Macaronada! Ideal for any Macaroni dish. Misko #3 Macaroni (Greek) 500 gram package Use this macaroni long or break to your desired length. Versatile to use for many pasta dishes, in many cusines. Made in Greece.

Risoni Large-Orzo (misko) 500g Use Orzo or Risoni to make Greek Yiouvetsi, baked pieces of meat cooked with Orzo in a light tomato sauce. Tastes great and adds filling to soups and casseroles, or use for pasta salads. Misko Peponaki (Greek) 500 gram package Misko peponaki is used for making various soups and dishes for every cuisine. Misko Hilopites (square mini egg noodles) 500 gram package Traditional Greek noodles, Hilopites is tiny square cut pasta made with eggs and milk.

Misko #6 Spaghetti (Greek) 500 gram package Great flavor and perfect to use in all your spaghetti dishes, carbonara, bolognese, etc, tender consistency, made in Greece from fine Greek wheat. Misko Fides Misko Vermicelli or Fides is prepared for making various soups and dishes

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