Of course we all know and associate spagetti and pasta with Italy, yet it has made its way into the heart of the Greek kitchen and happily adopted by the Greeks and cooked and loved by all.

These Italian pasta bowls are ideal for serving all your favorite pasta dishes, as well as for single servings of salad, veggies, soup and other meals.

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Fiesta 12 Inch Pasta Bowl in Cobalt

Fiesta 12-Inch Pasta Bowl Cobalt

Fiesta Cobalt is a lovely deep blue to go with the Greek theme, but also available in a range of colors.

A nice heavy feel to them, 12 inches diameter making them ideal for pasta, salad or any main course, it's like a plate and bowl in one.

Their deep coloring and art deco lines make them beautiful enough for a centerpiece. Easy to understand why they are the most collected dinnerware in America.

Rosanna Italian Pasta Bowls Set of 4

Rosanna Italiana Pasta Bowls Set of 4

Set of 4 pasta bowls, made of refined porcelain, the design is inspired by Rosanna's travels throughout Italy.

Each bowl has a different design and recipe for rigatoni, spaghetti, penne and linguine, all in hand drawn caligraphy.

8.8 inch diameter, there is a matching serving bowl and other dinnerware available.

Certified International Garden of Olives 5 Piece Pasta Set

Certified International Garden of Olives 5-Piece Pasta Set

Delightful olive design, hand painted ceramic pasta set, 4 x 9 1/4 inch pasta bowls along with a 13 inch large pasta serving bowl, ideal for a family dinner or entertaining.

A stylish setting, with co-ordinating kitchen accessories available.

The bowls are wide and shallow, ideal for a pasta or side salad. Extremely versatile!

Corelle Livingware Winter Frost White 5 Piece Pasta Set

Corelle Livingware Winter Frost White 5-Piece Pasta Set

These crisp white pattern bowls are perfect for showcasing your colorful food, from bright red tomato spagetti sauces, soups, salads or veggies.

Co-ordinate with colorful tableware, linens and decorations for an extremely stylish and modern dining look.

Large 2 quart serving bowl and 4 x 20 oz bowls. Team up with other pieces for a large dining service.

Emile Henry Set of 4 Pasta Bowls in Azure Blue

Emile Henry 1-Quart Individual Pasta Bowls
Set of 4, Azur

These pasta bowls are made in France from high quality burgundy clay, which aids heat retention, keeping the food warm for longer.

Bright smooth glaze in striking blue makes them attractive for serving and practical for their durability. Their shape is ideal for forking pasta!

At 7 1/2 inches diameter, they are extremely versatile. They can go from freezer to oven, perfect for individual portions of baked pasta.

Everybody Loves 9 Piece Pasta - Salad Set

Everybody Loves 9-Piece Pasta/Salad Set

Great value for money 9 piece pasta and salad set, 4 wide and shallow bowls, a large serving bowl ideal for a family serving of pasta, as well as salt and pepper shaker and sturdy bamboo serving spoons.

Great for every day use or entertaining, each bowl has a different design.

Clay Art Rise and Shine Set of 4 Pasta Bowls

Clay Art Rise & Shine Individual Pasta Bowl
Set of 4

This set of 4 Italian pasta bowls are great for every day use or entertaining, with a rustic country look.

A mediterranean feel to them with the olive leaf pattern and burgundy trim.

4 1/2 inch diameter, they are dishwasher and microwave safe. There are co-ordinating pieces available.

Siena 5 Piece Pasta Set

Certified International Siena 5-Piece Pasta Set

Hand painted ceramic pasta set of 4 bowls, 9 1/4 inch and one large 13 inch serving bowl.

Each of the 5 bowls has a different design and color.

A delightful rustic, country look, they are ideal for entertaining or everyday family use.

Check out these stunning serving bowls, ideal to serve up pasta, salads and other meals.
They also make attractive table centerpieces!

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