Every kitchen needs to have large pasta serving bowls. They are one of those items that are just so versatile.

When you make a dish of spaghetti, rigatoni or even fettucine, you can mix it with the sauce in these bowls and serve it up in an attractive display.

Put them to use serving vegetables, potatoes, a whole meal such as baked chicken on risoni, curry over rice, or even for chips and popcorn.

They are so stunning to look at, when not in use, place them on a table as a centerpiece and decorate with brightly colored apples and oranges!

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They also make great gifts for friends and family, these are sure to be a winner with everyone.

Fiesta 2 Quart Serving Bowl in Cobalt

Fiesta 2-Quart Serving Bowl Cobalt

It's easy to see why Fiesta are the most collected dinnerware in USA. Ideal for large servings of pasta, or use for potatoes, veggies, salads, chips or popcorn.

If not serving food, use it to decorate the table with bright oranges or apples, an ideal table centerpiece.

It's classic design has stayed the same for generations, so you can add to your dinner service collection knowing it won't become discontinued! Match or contrast from the stunning range of 13 colors available such as peacock, tangerine, scarlet and sunflower!
Team up with these matching individual Fiesta pasta bowls.

Pfaltzgraff Napoli 13 Inch Serving Bowl

Pfaltzgraff Napoli 13" Pasta Serve Bowl

This is the type of delightful, serving bowl you would hand down from generation to generation. It has that lovely comfort food feel to it, that just begs to be filled with home cooked pasta for a large family spread. You just associate it with good quality food!

Lovely and deep, you can also use it for soups, vegetables and other meals. Part of a large collection of Napoli dinnerware.

The warm colors and design evoke a laid back Mediterranean atmosphere to your table.

Rosanna Pasta Serving Bowl

Rosanna Pasta Serving Bowl

Part of a large collection of dinner ware, inspired by Rosanna's travels through Italy and her love of pasta.

The design has a collection of Mediterranean vegetables and hand drawn notes for recipes such as spaghetti, penne, rigatoni and linguine.

Wide and shallow, ideal for large serving of all pastas, a charming bowl that will impress friends and family.
Team up with these matching set of 4 individual Rosanna Pasta Bowls

Certified International French Olives 12 1/2 Inch Pasta Bowl

Certified International French Olives 12-1/2-Inch Pasta/Serving Bowl

This bowl is just made to serve pasta, the colors give you that warm, country, home cooked feel.

The terracotta color and olive branch design transports you to a Mediterranean cafe with all the smells and tastes of Greek, Italian and French Food.

There is a large collection of dinnerware in this theme to co-ordinate with.

Pfaltzgraff Everyday Olive Grove 13 Inch Serving Bowl

Pfaltzgraff Everyday Olive Grove 13-Inch Pasta Bowl

The earth colors and the olive grove design around the bowl is reminscent of Mediterranean homemade cooking, like Grandma made!

The rustic design and olives give you the feeling of healthy eating. Ideal to use for pasta, salad or any other large serving.

Team up with other accessories or with the Clay Art Rise and Shine Pasta Bowls.

Sorrento 12 Inch Pasta Serving Bowls in Ruby

Sorrento 12-Inch Pasta Bowl Ruby

Great quality stoneware you can be sure won't chip or crack, with stylish dot and olive motif embossed on the side.

Wide and shallow, making it ideal for displaying your pasta dishes or any variety of other meals.

Available in 5 colors, there are many kitchen accessories and bakeware to team up with. This bowl is durable and practical, yet looks stunning as a center piece on the table.

Check out these stunning individual Pasta Bowls that can team up with these pasta serving bowls.

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