Greek olives are the best gourmet olives for appetizers, to serve as part of a meze, or on a cheese platter.

When we think of the foods of Greece, olives are one of the first we think of. They have been grown in Greece since Ancient times, a food to celebrate, to nourish, to trade, in frugal times to survive and in plentiful times to enjoy.

The soil and climate of Greece is perfect for producing the best gourmet olives. There are many different varieties grown all over the country, black and green, with different tastes and textures. Greek Kalamata olives are the most tastiest olives in the world, certainly the most well known.

We have sourced the best of Greek olives and extra virgin olive oil, to buy online. Just click on any image or link for more information and read reviews from other buyers!

Pegasus Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 3L Lovely fruity taste, though not too strong an olive flavor to this extra virgin olive oil from Greece. Great Value! Fantis Greek Calamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil
500 ml bottle
A wonderful strong flavored extra virgin olive oil, made from sun ripened olives of the Kalamata region - the best tasting olives you will find! High quality oil suitable for salads and dressings when the taste matters!
Mani Greek Olive Variety Pack - Pitted Olives A mixture of all your favorite Greek olives, Kalamata, Amfissa and Nafplion green olives, pitted.

Mani Greek Olive Variety Pack - Whole Olives All natural, no preservatives to this pack of mixed whole Greek gourmet olives, including kalamata and green olives! Mani Greek Kalamata Olives 2 Kg (Large) Delicious whole Kalamata Olives from Mani, the best region for great tasting olives, in a re-sealable 2Kg barrel, keeping the olives in brine to guarantee freshness. Mani Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml - Greek (2 PACK) Extra virgin olive oil made from the best table olives - from Mani, Kalamata, Greece. Superior tasting olive oil with fruity taste and fresh aroma, ideal for salads, dressings, etc.

Krinos Kalamata Olives 16 ounces (1 pound) Excellent Olives from Kalamata, Greece, producing the worlds best olives! Ideal for appetizers, mezes or salads. Deli Fresh Greek Black Olives, 16oz Dr.Wt. Black olives from Greece, with a wonderful flavor, suitable for salads, appetizers and other olive dishes. Kalamata Olives, Organic (Tassos) 13.1oz (375g) Delicious, natural organic Greek Kalamata olives, bottled in organic extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar. Serve with a cheese platter or as a selection of appetizers.

Deli Fresh Thassos Olives, 16oz Dr.Wt. These olives are sun riped and naturally cured in salt. They are shriveled looking and have a mild taste, not very salty or bitter. Imported from Thassos, Greece. Kalamata Pitted Olives (castella) 10lb Large bucket of Greek Kalamata olives, pitted for convenience to use in your favorite dishes requiring olives. Great value! Greek Sweet Olive Topping by Odisia Preserved by cooking with lemon and sugar in a traditional Greek method, the taste of this delicious sweet olive topping is amazing. Versatile to have with cheeses, bruschettas or with drinks.

Olive Lover's Gift Basket (3.4 pound) "Enough Olives to sink a martini!" Includes olive oil, black olive mustard, olive tapenade, olive spiked chevre, Moroccan olives, Greek olives and 2 cheeses with olives. Gaea Green Olive Tapenade, 3.5-Ounce Jars (Pack of 6) Made with Greek green olives, this tapenade is so delicious and versatile. Use as a dip with crackers, pita bread or vegetables, spread on bread, sandwiches or on pizzas. Toss through pasta for a great pesto sauce. Ideal meze food! Divina Olives Stuffed with Feta Cheese - 2 jars A perfect meze or appetizer full of the flavors of Greece, delicious Greek gourmet olives, stuffed with Feta cheese for the most exquisite taste!

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Greek Olive Bread - Eliopsomo

The Classic Greek Salad

Potato and Feta Salad

Include an assortment of Greek Appetizers along with a bowl of Greek olives for a great Meze!

Check out these gorgeous Serving dishes, ideal for parties and other occasions.

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