There are many occasions when we don't have the time to make Greek Desserts. That doesn't mean we can't still indulge in our favorite sweets. Now you can buy baklava and other Greek treats from the comfort of your own home!

As well as the classic Baklava, we have an assortment of other similar sweets, made with filo pastry, filled with nuts and soaked in syrup. If you've never tried Kataifi, now is your chance, it could soon be your favorite, its so delicious!

Have you tasted Halva? It is very popular in Greece as a dessert to have at any time of the day. It is very sweet, so you only need a couple of thin slices. It has a unique texture, which simply melts in your mouth. It is so delicious you may have trouble stopping at just that!

If you love the flavor of Ouzo, try some Ouzo Candy, flavored with anise, it tastes just like the drink!

Sinbad Sweets Classic Baklava (12 Piece), 24-Ounce Gold Gift Boxes (Pack of 3) Each Gold Gift Box has 12 pieces of Classic Baklava, fillo dough filled with nuts and spices in a sweet, spiced syrup. Kataifi - Shredded Fillo with Walnuts and Honey 7pieces Kataifi is similar to Baklava, made with shredded kataifi pastry, looking a little like shredded wheat, filled with walnuts and soaked in a honey syrup! Delicious! Sinbad Sweets Baklava Assortment (8 Piece), 14-Ounce Gold Gift Boxes (Pack of 3) An assortment of Baklava sweets, each gold gift box has 8 pieces of sweet honey soaked fillo delights!

Vanilla Flavor Sweet (Sarantis) 453g Enjoy on a spoon with an ice cold glass of water. Product of Greece. Sultan Turkish Delight (Loukoumi) Pistachio
1 lbs box
Traditional recipe of Turkish Delight flavored with pistachio. Taste so delicious, one won't be enough!
Greek Delights, with Must (400g) Traditional Greek Delights Must flavor with Almonds. Product of Greece.

Deli Fresh Pistachio Halva, approx. 1lb Deli Fresh make the best Halva you have ever tasted. Fresh and delicious, superb taste, flavored with pistachios. A Greek favorite! Deli Fresh Almond Halva, approx. 1lb Almond flavored halva gives a distinct taste to this sweet that is so popular in Greece. Like all Greek desserts, have a couple of slices with a glass of water for a sweet treat! Deli Fresh Vanilla Halva, approx. 1lb Delicious and fresh, this halva will melt in your mouth with sweetness. Have a couple of slices when you fancy something sweet! Try some today!

Deli Fresh Marble Chocolate Halva, approx. 1lb This brand of Halva is the best you can find, you will not be disappointed, its divine! Ouzo Hard Candy (Fantis) 454g You can enjoy the wonderful flavor of the traditional Greek Ouzo liquor, in a hard candy. Ouzo hard candy is made with anise, that gives it the distinct ouzo flavor. Product of Greece. Yiotis Loukoumades Mix (Greek - Jotis) Yiotis Loukoumades mix is a great and easy way to make those delicious honey puffs, just like Yiayia's.

You can click on any image or link above to read reviews of what others who buy baklava and other desserts have to say.

Check out our very popular Greek dessert recipes to make these desserts yourself!

You can buy baklava Filo dough or Kataifi Greek pastry here to make baklava at home.

There are many times we need the convenience to be able to buy baklava. When you have more time to cook, have a look at our Baklava recipe

You can buy kataifi dessert, and you can buy the pastry, now why not try making Kataifi

How about having a go at making Turkish Delight - Loukoumia!

Greek Donuts - Loukoumades are little puffs in a golden honey syrup. Try the recipe!

Have a look at these stunning, elegant dessert bowls, they're sure to impress!

Once you've cooked (or bought) your desserts you will need a beautiful serving dish to present it. Check out these gorgeous display plates.

You can buy a good selection of authentic Greek cookies here.

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