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Greek Sausage (Loukaniko) 12 oz pkg Greek Sausage - Loukaniko. Pork flavored with real orange peel and wine. Heat and Serve. Greek Style Caviar Spread - Taramosalata (krinos), 14oz Taramosalata - Caviar Dip. Serve with crackers, vegetables, crusty bread. Attiki - Greek Honey, 455g JAR Delicious, sweet, aromatic honey from Greece.

Fage Total Greek Yogurt, 7oz Natural strained and authentic Greek yogurt. Simply the best you can get! Sophia's Gourmet Foods Greek Island Dressings 6-Count Variety Pack, 12-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6) All natural, gluten free dressings. Includes Original, Oil Free Cilantro Lime, Feta, Feta & Calamata Olive, Pomegranate and Blueberry. Use as a dressing or a marinade. Fresh and Delicious! Greek Sweet Bread, Long, Tsoureki, 1lb with Almonds Traditional Greek sweet bread sprinkled with almonds.

Dried Figs, Kalamata, (Dragonas) 400g (14oz) Naturally Sun-Dried Kalamata String Figs with No Preservatives. Product of Greece. Athenos Pita Chips, Whole Wheat, 6-Ounces (Pack of 12) Made from fresh pita bread, baked and seasoned, they have 50% less fat than leading potato chips . Gum Mastic, JAR, approx. 17g Mastiha, a natural resin from a tree grown in Chios. A unique product with many beneficial qualities, used in beverages, bakery goods, sweets and cooking. Product of Greece.

Mastic Gum SUGAR FREE (ELMA) 10 pieces, 14g Sugar free mastic gum, made from mastiha. Pack of 10 pieces. Product of Greece. Greek Alphabet Chocolate Mold 7/8-Inch Quality plastic mold of Greek Alphabet, create Greek Letters from chocolate, soap, butter, ice and craft products. Lots of fun to use, for children or Greek parties. Original Greek Pita (Flat Bread) 10 count 25 oz (700 g) Olympia Original Greek Pita bread, 6" round flat bread to use for souvlaki and other wraps or toast and serve with dips.

Gigantes (Greek Giant White Beans) Bulk - 1 Pound Giant Greek white beans. Product of Greece. Papadopoulos Goldies Rye Rusks (Greek) Rye Toasted Rusks. 2 fresh packs, 22 pieces. Product of Greece. Yiotis Loukoumades Mix (Greek - Jotis) Yiotis Loukoumades mix is a great and easy way to make those delicious honey puffs, just like Yiayia's.

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