Yogurt Cultures

Greek Yogurt with Berries

Yogurt cultures are good bacteria that are found in yogurt.

When shopping for yogurt, you should always check the label to ensure there are at least some live active yogurt cultures included.

Also referred to as Probiotics, which literally means pro-life, (for-life), probiotics are live bacteria that are actually good for your health if eaten in the right amounts.

Your large intestine needs these “good” bacteria to function.
They are also there to aid the immune system.

These good yogurt bacteria boost our immune system, which then helps the rest of our body function properly, helps prevent illnesses and ward off infections.

It is important to eat your yogurt fresh.
The fresher it is, the more live yogurt cultures there are. It is possible that the cultures in yogurt left on the shelf for a long time, could start to die off.

Live cultures are measured in organisms. A typical daily dose would provide about 3-5 billion live organisms.

Spoon of yogurt with cultures

Our intestines and the whole digestive tract have billions of bacteria and yeasts living in it.

There are good bacteria, the probiotics, and there are some bad bacteria there too.

The probiotic bacteria help your body function properly.
They help to keep a good balance in the intestines by creating lactic acid, which kills off the bad bacteria as they can’t survive in it and that stops them taking over.

When you are taking a regular intake of probiotics, in the form of yogurt, they keep everything in balance, which prevents illnesses and infections.

There are many things that can kill off these good bacteria.
When this happens, the bad ones take over and flourish, and many things from yeast infections diarrhea and a poor immune system result.

The benefits of eating yogurt regularly help to prevent this.

So, what can kill or deplete the good bacteria and disturb this delicate balance;

  • Taking antibiotics
  • Stress
  • Illness
  • Poor diet
  • Aging

If you are taking antibiotics or have any of these symptoms, it is important to take a daily dose of probiotics, the best form being yogurt.
Take for a couple of weeks after finishing the antibiotics as well.

Bowl of Healthy Greek Yogurt

There are 5 main cultures found in yogurt;

  • L. Bulgaricus
  • S. Thermophilus
  • L. Acidophilus
  • B. Bifidus
  • L. Casei

What role do these cultures play?

  • The L. Bulgaricus helps the fermentation process.
  • The rest, being probiotic, have many functions:
  • They create lactic acid, in which the bad bacteria can’t survive
  • They line the stomach walls and stop pathogens coming into the body
  • They speed up the removal of waste
  • They aid in the absorbtion of nutrients
  • They help to repopulate the stomach after illness or after taking antibiotics.

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Different cultures may be beneficial for different health issues. Yogurt containing active live cultures may not necessarily offer all these health benefits. The information offered on this page does not replace medical advice. See a Doctor or medical practitioner if you have any medical issues.

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