Health Benefits of Yogurt

Health benefits of Yogurt with Berries

We all agree that yogurt is tasty and delicious, but there are also some amazing health benefits of yogurt, too.

For a start, you’re getting a regular dose of dairy, plus a good source of calcium and protein.

When shopping, check the ingredients and nutritional value on the side of the carton to make sure there are active yogurt cultures – you can read about them here.

The main benefit of eating yogurt is that it acts to prevent illnesses and infections and helps to improve the health of the gastro intestinal system.

A regular supply of probiotics - the good bacteria or live cultures found in yogurt, helps keep the delicate balance between good and bad bacteria in your intestines, which helps the body function properly, boosts the immune system and prevents diseases.

Stress, illness, poor diet, aging and taking antibiotics can deplete the good bacteria, letting the bad bacteria thrive. It may be beneficial to have yogurt with probiotics whilst taking antibiotics.

Greek yogurt with Berries

When the bad bacteria take over, yeast flourishes and this can lead to yeast infections.

To treat or prevent yeast infections, try regularly eating yogurt with live active cultures, or mix a couple of tablespoons of this yogurt with warm water and use as a douche.

Infections of Candida yeast may be treated similarly.

Probiotic yogurt containing cultures including Acidophilus, may be effective in treating these infections as well as preventing and treating diarrhea.

It may help irritable bowel syndrome.

It may be helpful for treating or preventing eczema.

The main health benefits of yogurt are a healthy digestive system, well functioning intestines, and an improved immune system.

A bowl of yogurt, with active cultures mixed with some bright colored berries,full of antioxidants will keep you healthy, boost your immune system and delight your taste buds. The perfect power food!

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Different cultures may be beneficial for different health issues. Yogurt containing active live cultures may not necessarily offer all these health benefits. The information offered on this page does not replace medical advice. See a Doctor or medical practitioner if you have any medical issues.

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