Greek Urns, Vases and Pottery

Our Greek Urns and Vases make the ideal gifts or souvenirs.

Decorate your home with a touch of classical Greece! Bring some Ancient Greek culture to your decor with these Greek pottery and ceramics.

These are replicas of pottery and ceramics found dating back to Ancient Greece.

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Greek Neck Amphora Vase Collectible Figurine Statue Sculpture Aphrodite Greek Amphora Vase, Small

Ancient Greek Stoneware Vase Greek Calyc Krater Ceramic Vase

Minoan Dolphin Greek Vase Vase With Greek Key Design

White Townley Vase
Replica Grecian Style Urn

Bring a little bit of Greece into your home with these gorgeous Greek Urns and Vases!

If you’re looking for Greek Gifts, there’s nothing better to give the feeling of modern and Ancient Greece than these delightful Greek vases.

These pieces are replicas of vases and urns that have been unearthed at archaeological sites and date back to Ancient Greece. Because of the durability of the pottery, so many have survived and we can see from their designs and the paintings and drawings on them, a glimpse into the way of life then and the style of ancient Greece arts.

Vases were made and used for many purposes. Many were put to domestic use, to carry and store liquids, oils, and water. Smaller ones were used to contain perfume and essential oils. Other purposes for these vessels were for ceremonial and religious offerings.

Mostly made from clay, which was cheap and plentiful in Ancient Greece, they cleaned the clay in the local waters, and used a simple process to fire the pots in kilns.

Some of the designs can indicate what they were used for. The open mouthed pots or craters were most likely used as cups for drinking. Those with narrow necks would have been used to transport liquids and if they had a small mouth, they may have used a stopper to seal its contents for storage to prevent spoiling.

Artistically designed, some have simple sketches, others had intricate scenes depicting their way of life, from everyday scenes to images of their favorite Greek mythology gods and goddesses.

It has always been Greek art culture to portray what was happening in their everyday lifes in picture form on their pottery.

In any Greek marketplace, modern or ancient, you would find a large array of pottery and ceramics for display and general use.

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