The best lunch! (one of....!)

by Leela

My husband and I love Greece and her islands and have visited many - admittedly we do not do enough sight seeing (we get waylaid by the beaches) but I guess our favourite hobby is experiencing the wonderful tavernas and the food.
I can't even remember us having a bad meal (maybe the pickled squid was a bit iffy once!) but one place that does stick in our minds for being up in our 'top 3 meals' was a lovely taverna in
Anti Paros.
It was called Captain Pipinos and was situated at the end of track near a beautiful small beach. We went there for lunch, and having already decided we wanted fresh squid (as we had seen the boat man hanging his freshly caught squid from a washing line in front of the taverna)we ordered a lovely dish of fava beans, covered in spring onions, garlic and lemon juice. The squid had the most perfect basting of oil/herbs/lemon juice and barbecued to perfection. We have tried countless times to recreate this oil mix and it just isn't happening! Served with a greek salad, a carafe of retsina (and more fava beans, they were that lovely), we had one of the most chilled out lunches, gazing across the bay. I took a photo of that view (trying to be 'arty'), the mountains in the background, a little fishing boat, the turquoise sea, and with my squid filled washing line in the foreground! It is the most perfect picture and is framed in my bathroom and still provides us with fond fond memories of that day. So if anyone ever visits Anti Paros, I would recommend a visit to Captain Pippinos - just remember to take your camera (and have the squid)!!!

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Mmmm.. Sounds Delicious!
by: Ann

What a lovely story - you described it so well, I can just picture it! And I can almost taste that bbq squid and fava beans! Mmmmm...

Often the little, nothing fancy, out of the way places make for the best food and dining experiences. And there are so many like that in Greece. Hanging the squid and octopus up to dry helps to tenderise them for barbecuing.

For the calamari dressing, try mixing approx 2 parts lemon juice and 4 parts olive oil together until it goes opaque, you may need to add more of one than the other to get this balance. Season with salt, pepper and try fresh oregano.

Thanks for sharing!

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