60 Days in Greece

by Sai Samara
(Drethem, Neu Darchau, Hannover, Germany )

I went to Greece in 2008 for 60 days. I just love the way the Greeks live and have lived for thousands of years. Now I live in Germany and I cant seem to get my coffee to have that strong and a little bit bitter taste. It is also quite expensive to buy real coffee, not that instant stuff. So I went on google to find another way to make it and I found out that you can get that perfect taste by using Dandelion root. But it still doesn't taste the same :(.

Here is the way that works best (using Dandelion root):

First go into your garden (or local vegetable store) and get about one handful of Dandelion root.

Then wash them very well because they have lots of sand and dirt on the roots (they sometimes need to be peeled).

Next cut them up to about the size of big peas.

Now put them in an oven or dehydrator and if using an oven wait until they are turning black (at 130 C/266 F), or using a dehydrator for two days (at 50 C/122 F).

Grind them to a powder once above is finished, and it is ready for use like normal coffee.

Note: I use one tea spoon of Dandelion root powder for one small white cup.

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